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Central Payment Corporation (CPAY) Overview

Central Payment Corporation (also known as “Central Payment” or “CPAY”) is a merchant account provider that operates as part of a “joint venture” with TSYS. The phrase “joint venture” is intended to reflect that while TSYS owns more than half of Central Payment Corporation, the company still operates with some degree of independence. Central Payment claims to serve over 60,000 businesses and process over $10 billion annually, making it a large processor for the industry. It is still dwarfed, however, by TSYS’s organization and market share.

Central Payment’s products and services include point-of-sale solutions, EMV-compliant credit card processing hardware, gift and loyalty programs, mobile payment processing, American Express OptBlue pricing, e-commerce solutions, and recurring billing. The company offers phone and email support to all of its merchants. Zachary and Matthew Hyman are the co-managing partners of Central Payment Corporation.


At a glance

Founded: 2005

Location: San Rafael, California

Acquiring bank: First National Bank of Omaha, Wells Fargo Bank

Website: cpay.com

Phone number: 800-449-8012

E-mail: [email protected]



Online reputation and reviews

Central Payment Corporation has received over 250 negative reviews on consumer protection forums. Merchants complain of nondisclosure of contract terms, misrepresentation of rates and fees, poor customer service, unethical agent conduct, difficulty cancelling service, and large early termination fees. This high complaint total stands in marked contrast to TSYS, which maintains an uncharacteristically low complaint volume for a company of its size. Central Payment Corporation generally has a much worse reputation among merchants than its much larger partner entity.

Legal actions and lawsuits

There are no outstanding or recently resolved legal actions related to Central Payment Corporation at this time.

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3 responses to “Central Payment Corporation (CPAY) Reviews”

  1. I am so unhappy with their mobile app. Service. For three months I only did
    $203.00 in sales and was charged
    $241.23.. that is ridiculous!!!
    Now I have to write and send a letter to them in order to close account.?
    I’m just using app and have not signed any
    Contracts with them.so why do I have to do this?
    I have blocked them from getting into my account. I dought they will refund my money. I don’t recommend their app.
    They just start charging what ever they like.
    It’s a crime that needs to stop.
    I would sue them but it’s only $200, it would cost me more than that to sue probably ?
    Just a heads up people, don’t use their app.
    Marilyn Sim

  2. I had same issues no customer service I need services shut off. Left on phone then hung up on me. Terrible service will never let my bussiness friends be con my this company.

  3. I have been trying to call the 800 # but have to wait too long. Baldwin Automotive Group, Inc. has closed and I need to have monthly billings stop. Our merchant # is 84870016683987. Please help.

    Kathy Baldwin

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