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Certified Payment Processing Overview

Certified Payment Processing is a large subsidiary of First American Payment Systems that has been linked to multiple alternate names, partner businesses, and subsidiaries, including TransTech Merchant Group, Summit Merchant Solutions, Apex Merchant Group, Axis Payments, and Intrepid Payment Processing. According to various sources, the latter three brands represent the most recent organizational shift for the company. Commenters in online forums have stated that Apex Merchant Group’s portfolio was merged into Certified Payment Processing following successful litigation against Apex by the Minnesota Attorney General, and that Apex’s upper management is now helming Certified Payment Processing. These reports add that Certified Payment Processing has recently launched Axis Payments and Intrepid Payment Processing as new subsidiary brands.

Certified Payment Processing’s products and services include credit card terminals, check guarantee, merchant cash advance, e-commerce solutions, gift and loyalty programs, and recurring billing. The company offers phone and email support, but these lines are likely serviced by First American Payment Systems. Tony Norrie is the most recently listed CEO of Certified Payment Processing.

Certified Payment Processing Logo
Certified Payment Processing Logo

At a glance

Founded: 1991

Location: Carrollton, Texas

Acquiring bank: Fifth Third Bank, Wells Fargo Bank

Website: cpp-360.com

Phone number: 972-428-5200

E-mail: Contact form here



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Online reputation and reviews

Certified Payment Processing has received hundreds of negative reviews in multiple consumer protection forums. This is consistent with First American Payment Systems’s complaint record and persistent across the various subsidiaries and alternate business names that have been linked to Certified Payment Processing. Complainants describe deceptive sales tactics used by independent sales agents, undisclosed fees, high rates, poor customer service, long-term equipment leases, and exorbitant early termination fees. These complaints have not abated over the years, indicating a company-wide commitment to the practices that are generating them.

Legal actions and lawsuits

There are no outstanding or recently resolved legal actions related to Certified Payment Processing at this time.

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