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Datalink Bankcard Services Overview

Datalink Bankcard Services is a merchant account provider that acts as a reseller of Merrick Bank merchant services. The company also appears to do business under the names Main Street Processing, Tier 1 Processing, TriData, Inc., and Consolidated Payment Services. Datalink Bankcard claims to process over $1 billion in payments annually and to employ over 125 people. The company’s website also boasts that it is helmed by a leadership team with over 100 years of combined experience. It does not, however, actually identify these leaders.

Datalink Bankcard’s products and services include credit card terminals, check processing, e-commerce solutions, gift and loyalty programs, wireless processing, and merchant cash advance. The company offers phone support and a customer service portal, but it’s not clear what the hours of operation are for these lines. Steve Odom is listed as the president of Datalink Bankcard.

Datalink Bankcard Services Logo
Datalink Bankcard Services Logo

At a glance

Founded: 1989

Location: Richardson, Texas

Acquiring bank: Merrick Bank, Wells Fargo Bank

Website: Found here

Phone number: 800-694-7999 ext. 3

E-mail: [email protected]



Online reputation and reviews

Datalink Bankcard has received over 40 public complaints from merchants. These complaints mention deceptive sales tactics, hidden fees, higher-than-expected rates, and poor customer service. The most alarming complaints filed against the company, however, have most frequently been filed against its Main Street Processing brand. These complaints allege that the company is engaging in “slamming,” a tactic in which a merchant account provider poses as a merchant’s current credit card processor over the phone in order to deceive the merchant into signing a contract under false pretenses. A slammer will typically call merchants claiming to be with “merchant services” and will offer a “rate review” to ensure that merchants aren’t being overcharged. Unsuspecting merchants then sign a processing contract or an equipment lease under the assumption that their service is being optimized, when in fact a third party has locked them into an unnecessary merchant account.

On telemarketing forums, review websites, and complaint boards, there are dozens of claims by merchants that Main Street’s telemarketing team is engaging in precisely this sort of behavior. Official responses from the company are few, but they often insists that Main Street “maintains strict disclosure policies regarding the identity of our company and the nature of the solicitation.” Based on the widespread reports of merchant confusion and dissatisfaction filed in relation to Main Street Processing, it is difficult to recommend Datalink Bankcard.

Legal actions and lawsuits

There are no outstanding or recently resolved legal actions related to Datalink Bankcard at this time.

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  1. Data Link is a dishonest company. This is an extremely poor company when it comes to customer service. Communication with them is nonexistent. Don’t expect any type of assistance from them with fees if leaving a company for this company. No help with processor fees and they use a processor company that is great for overcharging lease fees (Northern Leasing). Even after trying to terminate services they “conveniently” neglect to refer me to the “Department of Cancellation” and gleefully continue to charge fees they are not entitled to. There is nothing good to recommend about this company.

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