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Global Payments Overview

Founded in 1967, Global Payments is a large, publicly traded credit card processor that operated under the name “National Data Corporation” until 2001. Global Payments has offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Europe, Spain, Russia, and the Asia-Pacific region and recently acquired U.S.-based direct processor Heartland Payment Systems. Global Payments serves as the backend processing network for a large number of major ISOs, including North American Bancard, EVO Payments International, and Total Merchant Services.

Like other large direct processors, Global Payments has a diverse product lineup that allows it to serve nearly any type of business. The company’s offerings include retail, mobile, and online payment solutions, major mobile wallet acceptance, a smart dispute management tool, scalable payment platforms (via OpenEdge), cash access for gamers (via PlayerCash @dvantage), and fundraising tools for non-profits (via Greater Giving). Global Payments sells its products directly and through ISOs, banks, associations, and a value-added reseller program.

Global Payments is the largest of several companies named in a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau complaint that was filed in March 2015. The complaint accuses Global Payments and its subsidiary businesses of processing payments for a “phantom debt” scam without conducting due diligence as to the true nature of the scam. The outcome of the CFPB’s complaint is still pending at this time. Global Payments also received some negative press following a 2012 security breach that compromised the data of up to 1.5 million cardholders. Global Payments stated that the breach has since been contained.

Global Payments Logo
Global Payments Logo

At a glance

Founded: 1967

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Acquiring bank: Wells Fargo, BMO Harris


Phone number: 1-770-829-8000

E-mail: Contact form here



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Online reputation and reviews

Like any other large company, Global Payments has several hundred complaints on various consumer forums. Generally speaking, however, the company maintains a lower complaint total than its competitors that are also direct processors. Complaints about Global Payments tend to cite the company’s three-year contract, early termination fees, hidden fees, and poor customer service.

Legal actions and lawsuits

Global Payments is currently the subject of an April 2015 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau complaint alleging that the company processed payments for a robo-call phantom debt scheme. The CFPB claims that Global Payments ignored clear red flags about the scammers’ business practices and directly profited off of the fraudulent scheme. This complaint has not received a resolution at this time.

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  1. They are a rape, but they are an honest rape….money is always there, no phantom chargebacks, no horrendous leases with Northern Leasing. We pay 10 month for machine and when ours went down, they replaced it immediately, no hassle. Customer service speaks good english and always picks up the phone. They do keep coming up with ridiculous new fees etc. We would like to get better rates, but the horror stories we have heard from other people about these processors that are constantly calling makes us reluctant to switch. At least we get our money accurately and timely! Even if they keep too much.

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