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Leaders Merchant Services Overview

Leaders Merchant Services is a large merchant account provider and reseller of iPayment and First Data. Founded in 2000, the company claims to serve merchants in over 50 states. For many years, Leaders was the epitome of an industry-standard credit card processor: a large, independently contracted sales team primarily selling conventional credit card terminals and long-term contracts. In recent years, however, the company appears to have embraced some of the more forward-looking technologies offered by First Data, including its “Clover” POS system and support for Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

Leaders Merchant Services provides point-of-sale solutions, merchant cash advance, business loans, gift and loyalty programs, check processing, and QuickBooks integration. The company provides phone and email support to all of its merchants, although it’s probable that after-hours support is handled by First Data. Brandon Wolfe is the president and CEO of Leaders Merchant Services.

Leaders Merchant Services Logo
Leaders Merchant Services Logo

At a glance

Founded: 2000

Location: Camarillo, California

Acquiring bank: Wells Fargo Bank, BMO Harris Bank

Website: leadersmerchantservices.com

Phone number: 800-220-4143

E-mail: [email protected]



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Online reputation and reviews

Leaders Merchant Services is the subject of hundreds of negative reviews on various consumer protection forums. Complainants describe deceptive sales tactics, higher-than-expected rates, hidden fees, long-term contracts, early termination fees, withheld funds, and poor customer service. These types of reviews have been posted with regularity over the past five years and are consistently negative in tone. In general, it is difficult to find positive reviews about Leaders Merchant Services that have been verified as coming from legitimate business owners.

Legal actions and lawsuits

There are no outstanding or recently resolved legal actions related to Leaders Merchant Services at this time.

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4 Responses

  1. Ryan

    I was told over the phone by the sales representative when I signed up that there would no contract for my account. After seeing the high charges for my monthly statements I wanted to cancel and go with someone else. They told me they did not say there was no contract, and charged me 350.00 for early termination fee. Very dishonest, I had a hard time getting anyone to get back in touch with me about this issue. Of course, it goes into the next month and I get charged another monthly fee. I paid all the fees just to get them out of my life.

  2. Tom

    This company’s sales person is possibly the most dishonest individual I have ever spoken to in retaining services of any kind. Their salesperson told me over the telephone how their fees are low by industry standards, and that they have no long-term contract, so I could leave at any time without charge. After the sales pitch, they send you a very short agreement over the Internet for your online signature. In the small print, they reference a “Guide” that you will be receiving once you’ve signed up. AFTER you have engaged them, you receive a 64 page “Guide” chock full of fees which were never discussed by their salesperson, including a $350 fee if you discontinue their services. So far, their “low” fees have averaged approximately 6% of my total receipts. I wouldn’t wish this company on anyone.

  3. Jeremy Leeds

    They laid out a setup for me based on my store, working out pretty well up to this point! Glad to have signed up.

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