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North American Bancard Overview

North American Bancard is a very large merchant account provider and ISO of First Data and Global Payments headquartered in Troy, Michigan. The company has been privately owned since its inception in 1992 and currently has 900 employees. North American Bancard claims to service over 250,000 merchants and process over $34 billion in transactions per year. The company provides backend credit card processing for a number of notable ISOs within the credit card industry, including SekureCard and PayProTec. North American Bancard has also launched two separate mobile phone processing services called Phone Swipe and PayAnywhere.

North American Bancard’s size enables it to serve merchants of nearly any size or type, including retail, restaurant, petroleum, grocery, banking, hospitality, B2G, and B2B businesses. The company’s products and services include check processing, fleet card acceptance, tablet point-of-sale systems, gift and loyalty programs, wireless credit card terminals, MOTO solutions, merchant cash advance, ATM placement, and e-commerce solutions. The standard North American Bancard contract is a three-year agreement with a liquidated damages termination fee that costs at least $295. Of the company’s two mobile processing solutions, PayAnywhere seems to have gained much more traction in the market and is a primary competitor of Square. PayAnywhere recently expanded its product to include a tablet-based storefront point-of-sale system that comes with a free 10-inch tablet upon account activation.

North American Bancard offers phone and email support to its merchants, although the hours of operation for these channels are not clearly listed. The company’s founder, CEO, and president is Marc Gardner.

North American Bancard Logo
North American Bancard Logo

At a glance

Founded: 1992

Location: Troy, Michigan

Acquiring bank: Wells Fargo Bank, The Bancorp Bank


Phone number: 1-800-226-2273 x1200

E-mail: [email protected]



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Online reputation and reviews

As might be expected of any large processor, North American Bancard has amassed hundreds of negative complaints to its name. However, the issues cited in these complaints include long-term contracts, huge cancellation penalties, deceptive sales tactics, and exceedingly poor customer service. At this time, it is difficult to locate verified positive reviews about North American Bancard.

Legal actions and lawsuits

There are no outstanding or recently resolved legal actions related to North American Bancard at this time.

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  1. LE

    Whatever you do, do not work with North American Bancard. If you are a business and are setting up credit card processing, ask your processor if North American Bancard provides equipment. If they are the provider, run away as fast as you can. We closed a business a year ago. We returned the equipment within the timeline required. We kept the tracking number for six months but, having heard nothing from them, we cleaned out our files (big mistake).

    A year after the business was closed, we received a call from a collection agency stating that North American Bancard had never received our equipment. So, rather than sending an invoice or notice 60 or 90 days after reportedly not receiving the equipment, they waited a year and sent a complaint to a collection agency without ever contacting us. The agent told me this is the way they always do business – no contact with client and then direct report to collection agency (!). I was also told that the warehouse sometimes does not enter information that equipment has been received so you get reported to a collection agent. you get the picture. Run away.

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