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[image src=’’ width=’300′ height=’300′ title=’Boost Mobile Logo’ align=’right’]Boost Mobile Wallet (powered by Wipit) is a money transfer application for Boost Mobile prepaid phones. The service combines the features of a mobile wallet and a prepaid debit card, as it enables Boost Mobile users to deposit funds into a dedicated account, send money to other people, and pay their bills within the app. In addition to its domestic money transfer features, Boost Mobile Wallet also allows users to top off their Boost mobile phone plans and send money internationally (via the Ria network).

Users who are willing to verify their accounts will receive a free upgrade to Mobile Wallet Plus, which includes a prepaid Visa debit card that can be used to make in-store purchases with stored Boost Mobile Wallet funds. Other Mobile Wallet Plus perks include increased account limits and the ability to instantly transfer money to other Boost Mobile Wallet users. Boost Mobile Wallet is only available in the Android app store and requires the user to have a Boost Mobile prepaid phone account.

Boost Mobile Wallet Fee Breakdown

Boost Mobile Wallet assesses its fees separately from a user’s Boost Mobile phone plan. In other words, users will need to pay their Boost Mobile cellular service fees in addition to their Boost Mobile Wallet fees. These fees include a $3.00 fee per in-person reload, a $4.00 per mobile check deposit, a $2.00 withdrawal fee at all ATMs, a 3% fee on all foreign transactions, and a $4.95 inactivity fee (charged after three months of inactivity). The service does not have any activation fees, monthly maintenance fees, swipe fees, or customer support fees. There are also variable fees charged for different types of money transfer.

Boost Mobile Wallet Fee Schedule
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Boost Mobile Wallet Video Introduction

At a glance

Launched: 2013

Location: San Diego, California

Issuer: Sutton Bank


Phone number: (888) 973-9080

E-mail: [email protected]

Featured User Reviews

Horrible Taking perfect pictures in well lit area says cannot read check blah blah. Once I get past that says password is incorrect. My password is the same for all my accounts. So I tried again. Now get error again regarding picture of check

-Kris Valdes, Google Play Store

Not bad Took about 30 pictures with the quick check to finally get the check to process but once it did everything worked fine now when I go to check my account it tells me error please try again later I really need to make an account transfer and I’m not able to do it

-Brian Long, Google Play Store

What other reviewers are saying

Google Play Store

Google Play Store LogoBoost Mobile Wallet currently averages four out of five stars on the Google Play Store based on 4,157 ratings. Most of the available Boost Mobile Wallet negative reviews cite problems depositing checks, a lack of service in Puerto Rico, delayed deposits, limited availability of reload locations, and minor technical issues. However, nearly 60% of users have given the app a five-star rating, and a company representative has responded to every single review. Positive reviewers praise the app’s simplicity and customer support.

Other sources

The Prepaid Press gave Boost Mobile Wallet 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Our take

Boost Mobile Wallet appears to be a solid alternative to traditional bank accounts and mobile phone plans. The app combines two essential services—mobile communication and banking—and allows users to manage both from their mobile devices. The international money transfer feature is incredibly useful, and the variety of reload options makes Boost Mobile Wallet a convenient addition to nearly any lifestyle.

The primary drawback to the service is its cost. In addition to the usual Boost Mobile phone plan fees, users will be hit with a fee for each reload that isn’t direct deposit, a fee for bill payment, a fee for transferring money internationally, and a fee for each ATM withdrawal. Boost Mobile Wallet does not charge a monthly fee (and its inactivity fee is relatively generous) so account holders will only be charged in accordance with how much they use the service. This may be appealing for some users and prohibitive for others. In general, though, the marriage of a mobile phone plan and a money transfer app could be much clunkier and costlier than this. Potential users are encouraged to consider their own use patterns before signing up for Boost Mobile Wallet.

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10 responses to “Boost Mobile Wallet Reviews”

  1. Terrible bank prepaid card solution. I had $70 transferred via PayPal. Spent 1.99 and one day before my phone bill is due they block my card and freeze my funds. That was almost a month ago. And i cant get a damn answer from them and their customer service is VERY RUDE!!! IF THIS ISN’T FIXED SOON I’M LEAVING BOOST!

  2. Not pleased at all. The quick check feature shows an error message every single time!!!! I’m thinking about doing away with boost all together after being a customer for 11yrs.

  3. Not at all happy! Tried using quick check and after I confirm my SS number an error message displays saying to try again later. Fix this!

  4. This service is now not working, has been this way for about 2 weeks now, and I am just getting an answer!! Wipit wants you to believe if your Quick Check is not approved, Certygy is declining it due to either yourself or the check,FALSE, it is actually, according to Certegy Check Services, Inc., not them declining approval deposits but due to “Merchant Not Active” Meaning Wipit is not an active Merchant. Called Wipit and after telling them what I had been told, said Yes we are having problems with a third party.
    I would not be using this service, no telling what will happen to your money!!!!

  5. I changed company’s as well as my boyfriend. I never got the $50. If this isn’t handled soon I’m leaving boost! Sick of it been trying for along time. My numbers [REDACTED]

  6. They closed my account without notice and made me jump through hoops and now it’s gonna be 24 to 48 hours before it’s fixed in the meantime my direct deposit will not go on it now I’m poor and need my money and they don’t care

  7. I would like to say avoid this company.. period. I had an account with them and had been saving money on my account. I received an email from them the other day saying that my account was suspended. Now they are telling me that my money somehow magically disappeared and there is nothing that they can do about it. I have contacted the BBB and the Consumer Financial Protection Agency. We will see where that goes, otherwise, I will be calling a lawyer. How can a company just close your account and steal your money!!!

  8. I LOVE this service, of course it has it flaws every now and then but I isr it with Direct Deposit and quick checks and is the most amazing thing ever, plus customer service reps are amazing

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