Western Union Reviews

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Overview Perhaps the best-known “wire transfer” provider in the U.S., Western Union has offered its money transfer service in some form since 1871. The company’s current peer-to-peer payment solutions include ACH transfer, money order, and a mobile app that allows … Continued

Square Cash Reviews

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Overview Launched in October 2013, Square Cash is a free money transfer service offered by the payment processor Square. Originally conceived as a way for people to send and request money via email, the service has since expanded to offer … Continued

Venmo Reviews

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Overview Launched in June 2012, Venmo is a personal cash transfer service owned by PayPal. The service enables users to send each other money through a mobile phone app using linked bank accounts, debit cards, and credit cards. To send … Continued

Dwolla Reviews

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Overview Launched in December 2009, Dwolla is an independent payment network that acts as an alternative to traditional merchant accounts and major online payment processors like PayPal. Rather than utilizing standard banking networks (which charge interchange fees on each transaction), … Continued

Snapcash Reviews

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Overview Snapcash is a mobile money transfer service included in the popular messaging app Snapchat. Developed through a partnership with mobile payment processor Square, the service enables Snapchat users to send money to each other for free using a linked … Continued