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Vision Prepaid LogoVision Prepaid cards are reloadable prepaid debit cards that are marketed as an alternative to both cash and traditional banking accounts. Vision Prepaid users can load their cards with funds via direct deposit or through third parties such as retailers, MoneyGram ExpressPayment, PayZone, GreenDot MoneyPak, Visa ReadyLink, Western Union, or PayPal. They can then use the card as a normal debit card at any location that accepts Visa debit transactions.

Vision Prepaid cards come in two varieties: Vision Premier and Vision Preferred. Vision Premier cards charge users monthly fees based on whether they choose to load the cards via direct deposit or through a number of third-party channels. These cards come with variable monthly fees but do not charge users for each transaction. Vision Preferred cards do not charge monthly fees but do charge users for each transaction.

Vision Premier/Preferred Fee Breakdown

All Vision Prepaid users must decide whether they would rather pay a fixed monthly fee (either 7.95 or $9.95) on the Premier plan or a $1.00 fee on each transaction on the Preferred plan. So if a cardholder expects to make more than ten purchases with the card per month, the monthly fees that come with the Vision Premier card will save them money. If a cardholder expects to make fewer than eight purchases per month, then the Vision Preferred card is the better option. If a cardholder opts for the Premier plan, it is best to load the card via direct deposit in order to lower the monthly fee to $7.95 and enjoy free customer service. Other fees may also apply, such as activation fees, load fees, customer service fees, and ATM fees. A full list of fees for all Vision Prepaid card types is available below:

Vision Prepaid Card Fees

Vision Prepaid Fees
Vision Prepaid Fees via

At a glance

Founded: 2003

Location: Houston, Texas

Issuer: PreCash, Inc.


Phone number: 1-800-207-1805

E-mail: n/a

Featured User Reviews

Opon discovering charges on my card that where not authorized by myself, I contacted Vision customer service to have the card replaced…big mistake two weeks have passed and still no card and no way to access my money.

Customer service is very limited as to what they can do and every call generates a charge on my card for 2.95.

-Paul S., Ripoff Report

Vision Prepaid Cards charge exorbitant fees. They also hold money for at least two weeks, sometimes more. Any pre-authorization will be held for as long as they want. They also charge customers who call customer service and speak to a representative. It is also very difficult to get a hold of customer service.

-Anonymous, Ripoff Report

What other reviewers are saying

Ripoff Report

Ripoff Report LogoVision Prepaid cards have received 17 complaints on Ripoff Report, most of which describe negative experiences with customer support. In most of these cases, it seems that the cardholders noticed some abnormal account activity—delayed deposits, missing transactions, unexpected fees—and attempted to resolve the issue by contacting customer support. The complainants describe long wait times, dropped calls, and frustration with the fact that they were charged each time they were able to speak with a live representative.

The Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau LogoThe BBB does not maintain a profile for Vision Prepaid itself; instead, it directs related inquiries to the BBB profile of PreCash, Inc., Vision’s parent company. PreCash, Inc. has an “A+” rating with the BBB and is showing 35 complaints in the last three years. The majority of these complaints (25) are related to the product or service provided by the company, with the second most reported issue being billing and collection (6). A review of the available complaint details reveals that most complainants are reporting issues with blocked accounts and payment disputes. PreCash has resolved 34 of the 35 complaints successfully, while one complaint was not resolved to the customer’s satisfaction despite a good faith effort from PreCash.

Other sources

In April 2012, U.S. News named Vision Preferred one of the five worst prepaid cards on the market.

Our take

Vision Prepaid cards do not appear to be an especially appealing alternative to bank accounts, cash, or even other prepaid cards. The Vision Premier card with direct deposit is the best deal of the three, but it still charges a $7.95 monthly fee and a $2.50 ATM fee for all withdrawals. $7.95 per month comes out to just over $95 per year, which is far more than most basic checking accounts and roughly equivalent to the annual fees of many credit cards. Vision Premier might be appealing because it doesn’t require a credit check and is theoretically more secure than cash, but unless you constantly overdraft your checking account, you will end up overpaying for storing your money on an Vision Premier card.

Vision Preferred is possibly even less competitive despite its lack of a monthly fee. The $1 fee per transaction, $0.95 load fee, and $4.95 fee charged for inactivity can all add up quickly, and the $1.95 customer service fee appears to be a major point of contention among cardholders. Overall, we do not recommend Vision Prepaid cards due to their excessive fee schedules and the types of complaints filed by users.

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10 Responses

  1. Grace Gniazdowska

    I put money on my vision prepaid card a year ago. A day later they blocked my account. I have been trying to get a new card for a year now. I threatened them with police reports and and even tried to tell them I lost my card. Every time I call they tell me to fax my documents for proof of identity, I fax it, spend $7-$8 each time get a confirmation it went through, they claim they never got it. I have been trying to get my money out for a year now. Vision prepaid are thieves BEWARE. They will hold your money hostage and steal from you. These complaints do NOTHING. No one goes after them. They are stealing from people and no one get get their money out.

  2. Diane Towles

    It’s a bad prepaid company to deal with they did not ship my card at all because I did not have $5 when I get my check on it every two weeks and then I get my other check that comes monthly I’ve been with this company for a whole year and it’s crazy and I’m leaving them for someone else do not mess with their company so I’m backed up on my bills because this company decided to take 7 to 10 days to send off my card and there’s no rush system so you cannot get it in two to three days horrible horrible horrible do not deal with them

  3. Mark Harrington

    I used my Vision Preferred Prepaid Card at an ATM at Walmart in Searcy, Ark yesterday. I had 198.20 in my acct. I tried to get 140.00 cash from the ATM. The transaction was turned down, yet Vision Premier took 140.00 plus 2.00 and there was never a transaction. Now, they say I have to wait 15 days to begin a dispute. Take my advice and NEVER EVER EVER use a Vision Premier card at an ATM.

  4. Caroline horochak

    My card expired and no way to get a new one I tried the website to order one and I found nothing this is crazy someone please help

  5. Cheri Hoffman

    I contacted vision with s complaint that a charge was on my card that I disrupted… They cancelled my card without telling.. Then when I contacted them I was charged a fee and waited almost two hours. Then finally they said a new card would be mailed. Ten days passed no card.. Again nightmare hell and I go through an hour arguing with a rep. To be told I have to fax a copy of my dr lis. A piece of mail with correct address and another form of ID… Did so immediately… Five days goes by i send a email to them and they claim no new card is still issued. I am so upset.. Or money is tied up and we are leaving for a trip in the tenth of the month. These folks are a nightmare…. Now the statement on line doesn’t show deposits or credits and if you can’t give the Rep with correct amount they refuse to help and it’s the fax everything to us… And like I said we still don’t have a card after almost a month. After 12 years using this company this is crazy.

  6. Bruce Holland

    Account haked on Jan 15th and still no new card or reimbursement.. I guess they can’t afford a first class stamp like they say.. Beware!

  7. Bruce

    My account was hacked 15 days ago and still have not received my new card which they say takes7 to10 days which is outrageous! No access to your money and talking with them on the phone which they charge you they don’t care ! better places to go!

  8. Lawrence Davies

    Why would vision prepaid deactivate my debit card without notification of some sort? It’s 3 days before Christmas and I have absolutely no way of getting anything!

  9. Mark

    Ok so I was a cardholder with them for over 8 years. My reason for using them was very simple. Went through a horrible divorce, repossessed car, repossessed house, horrible credit at that time and I needed a bank to have my direct deposit checks go into from my employer. The pro’s were i got a visa debit card so that i could purchase items on line and in stores, I could pay my utility bills on line, and basically everywhere visa was accepted i was good to go. The cons were my direct deposits always went through one business day late, so if you got paid on Friday my account actually showed the balance on Saturday. when the magnetic strip on the back of the card wore out from all of the use in the stores it cost $1.95 for customer service plus $5.00 to have a replacement card sent out. I had to do that a few times and every-time you were without a card or funds for a full 15 days. Customer service was non existent. Every-time you would call them you are hit with a fee and ultimately your only resolution is to cancel that card number and have them mail you another card for $5.00 and it takes 15 days to actually receive then activate it. On 3 occasions through out the 8 years my number was stolen and fraudulent charges were charged, on two of the occasions the charges occurred in mexico which were clearly frauds. I each case I had to pay to speak to a representative, my card was deactivated, a new card was sent which I was charged for and I was without access to my money for 15 days each time. At the end of the 90 day resolution period I never did get any of the fraudulent money back that was charged to my account. The card is what it is. It is a high priced way that people down on their luck can obtain a visa card, have their paycheck loaded onto it, and pay their bills, so that they do not have to use a bank because their credit score is to low to qualify. Bear in mind that with this type of card there is no bank branch that you can go into, and all resolutions simply come down to cancelling the card, them holding your money for 15 days while they send you a new card (and charge you for it) then you activate it. You cannot write a check and have no access to your funds. My advice is to only use this card if you absolutely have too, then get a simple checking account with a bank or credit union with real people that you can go into. The vision premier card did help me out of a jam but I was inconvenienced quite often and it did cost me some money. It is a shame that we live in a society where it is OK to overcharge and flat out rip off someone because they are poor, or down on their luck by charging them fees and holding their money for 15 days at a time. As i stated If possible use a bank that charges as few fees as possible. You will pay less and in the event something happens you will be able to go to a branch and get it resolved and not lose access to your account for half a month at a time.

  10. Christine P

    Vision is part of Bank Of America. The home of outrageous fees!! When I took out the card a couple years ago it was through the Bank of Zion, a Christian Bank and when it was taken over by Bank of America I was never informed. The fees are insane. When you can’t do something on line and you have to call customer service they hit you with a $1.95 charge. I have to yell and scream to get it removed. Plus the monthly fee goes up and down according to how many deposits and transactions you do. You never know what your being charged. If you cancel a transaction and the merchant refunds the money, Vision holds the funds (and of course collects all the nice interest on it) for 15 days. Trust me, this has happened twice, it is 15 days until Midnight on the 15th day!! There are better prepaid cards than this. I have switched to Paypal’s. At least the monthly fee doesn’t change and it’s alot less than Vision!!

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