BankCard USA Review

BankCard USA is a merchant account provider that is a reseller of First Data. It was previously a subsidiary of Maverick Bankcard, which is covered in our Maverick Bankcard review.

A three-year contract with a $99 early termination fee, 3 complaints and 1 review, and a low-moderate number of complaints, and a company that employs independent sales agents.

BankCard USA charges fees of $99 to $295 for early termination, and a minimum of $10 to $25 for monthly fees. The company places funds in risk assessment for up to 180 days.

BankCard USA provides a storefront payment processing service, but does not disclose the pricing for its virtual terminal and payment gateway services.

BankCard USA no longer charges a termination fee on all accounts, and only charges a $99 fee to companies that receive free equipment upon account activation or that remain with the company for over a year.

This website and other consumer protection websites showed a significant number of complaints about BankCard USA. Many complained about undisclosed fees, unauthorized debiting and difficulty reaching customer service representatives.

Bankcard USA does not list dedicated support information on its website, and merchants operating in high-risk industries should consider switching providers.

The Better Business Bureau has received 3 complaints regarding BankCard USA Merchant Services within the past 36 months. 2 of the complaints were resolved to the satisfaction of the merchant.

BankCard USA reviews found on this site and elsewhere report that the company uses in-house and independent sales agents to market its services.

BankCard USA’s home page quoted “the lowest rates in the industry at 0.23%.” The rate was much lower than the effective rate for almost all merchants.

BankCard USA is an average merchant account provider with a moderate complaint rate. The company can improve its overall rating by lowering its complaint volume and revising its sales strategies.

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