BigCommerce Review

BigCommerce offers an array of website themes and an app store with numerous add-ons and plugins available to merchants. It also offers marketing services such as promotions and coupons, email marketing, SEO tools, social media marketing, and multi-channel marketing.

The BigCommerce software is a web-based e-commerce solution that integrates with payment gateways, including Braintree/PayPal, Apple Pay, Adyen, Amazon Pay, among others.

Costs and contract: Offers several monthly packages and has no early termination fees. The Better Business Bureau has received 36 complaints and 4 reviews.

BigCommerce offers merchant accounts with rates from 2.2% plus $0.30 to 2.9% plus $0.30, but merchants can negotiate with cheaper payment processors and then integrate their accounts with BigCommerce.

In the past two years, BigCommerce has dramatically increased some merchants’ monthly fees without warning. However, most merchants are satisfied with the rates they pay.

Over 50 BigCommerce negative reviews are currently available online. They include issues with the software, unexpected fee increases, poorly developed websites, unavailable or unhelpful customer service, and less SEO benefit than is advertised.

BigCommerce offers phone support, email support, a community forum, and an FAQ section. It also offers live chat support through its website.

BigCommerce’s customer service tools outpace its e-commerce competitors, but fall short of the top-rated overall merchant account for great customer service.

BigCommerce has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2010 and has received 36 complaints in the last 36 months. The company resolved 14 of these complaints to the satisfaction of the merchant.

BigCommerce does not appear to employ sales staff and is only marketed through its website, through an affiliate program, and through strategic partnerships.

The company does not charge extra transaction fees, but merchants will still have to pay transaction fees through Braintree/PayPal or a third-party payment processor.

BigCommerce is a reliable e-commerce option that offers multiple pricing tiers and low-to-moderate complaints, and can be linked to a merchant account provider.

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