Chase Merchant Services Review

The company that acquired Paymentech in 2000 rebranded its global ISO operations as “Chase Commerce Solutions” and has been marketed as the Chase Merchant Services branch of JPMorgan Chase & Co.

The company has received more than 60 complaints, has no BBB rating, and does not hire independent sales agents.

Chase Merchant Services offers 2 rates for its merchant accounts: 1.99% plus $0.15 for debit and 2.99% plus $0.15 for credit transactions.

Merchants who accept a free terminal may be subject to a 24-month service agreement, which may have cancellation fees.

Chase Merchant Services offers payment processing services online, including a virtual terminal and payment gateway, though pricing is not disclosed.

There are not many complaints about Chase’s pricing and terms, compared to other credit card processing companies.

Chase Merchant Services has received negative reviews for non-disclosure of a service length agreement and cancellation fee, fund-holds, and PCI Compliance fees.

Complaints continue to appear beneath our Chase Paymentech review at a slow but regular pace, but they cover a wide range of issues and do not suggest a specific problem has emerged.

A Better Business Bureau (BBB) profile for Chase Merchant Services has been merged into the larger JPMorgan Chase & Co. profile. The BBB has 39 complaints filed in the last 36 months, of which 13 complaints were successful.

Chase Merchant Services does not use deceptive advertising or rate quoting and instead hires outside agents.

Chase Merchant Services does not hire its agents directly, so it is not suffering from the usual complaints. However, third-party audits can be used to find and eliminate hidden charges.

Chase Merchant Services is a better option for established merchants, and can improve its rating in this review by eliminating cancellation fees.

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