Helcim Review

Helcim is a Canadian merchant account provider that provides a feature suite called “Helcim Commerce” to both U.S. and Canadian businesses.

It offers interchange-plus pricing, has fewer than 10 public complaints regarding its service, and no sales agents.

Helcim offers monthly contracts, no monthly or annual fees, interchange-plus pricing, and affordable card processing hardware.

The company offers interchange-plus pricing, which takes a merchant’s industry, monthly processing volume and average transaction amount into account when providing rates.

There are no complaints that describe unexpectedly high fees, and Helcim offers some of the most competitive rates in the industry.

The company has only two complaints filed online, one of which described a poor experience during the onboarding process and the other of which described a slow activation process.

Helcim’s customer service is effective and quick at resolving issues and assisting merchants quickly.

Helcim has had one negative informal review in the last 36 months, and has stated that it has improved its merchant account application process.

Helcim sells its services via a full-time, in-house sales staff. We have found positive testimonials about the company and its pricing structure.

Helcim’s rates and fees are completely disclosed on its website, but you should double-check your monthly bill with a third-party statement audit if you suspect otherwise.

Helcim, a small merchant account provider and credit card processor, is showing many positive testimonials online and appears to offer transparent, inexpensive contract terms.

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