Intuit Merchant Services Review

Intuit Merchant Services is a merchant account provider based in Mountain View, California. Intuit acquired Innovative Merchant Solutions in 2003, and restructured its merchant services division under the QuickBooks Payments brand.

Intuit Merchant Services processes credit and debit cards for most business types. Their mobile options may work for in-store payments for small businesses.

Intuit’s QuickBooks Payments credit card processing service integrates seamlessly with the company’s QuickBooks accounting software, and many merchants will accept a higher processing rate to keep the integrated accounting functionality.

Intuit has received more than 250 public complaints about its service and has received 2,295 complaints and 327 reviews with an “A+” rating.

Intuit offers four separate pricing schedules and an evergreen merchant agreement, and the rates and fees advertised are the most recent pricing schedule.

QuickBooks Point of Sale Payments offers two plans to choose from, a Basic plan and a Pro plan. The Basic plan offers a swipe rate of 2.7% and the Pro plan costs $19.95.

Intuit is confusing its merchants by phasing out its conventional merchant account branch and its mobile app, as well as its piecemeal rollout of QuickBooks Payments over the years.

Intuit Merchant Services has a contract of 2 years with a $295 early termination fee, a PCI Compliance fee of $100, and makes large withdrawals from the merchant’s bank account upon cancellation.

Intuit’s current policy across its merchant accounts is to offer month-to-month contracts with no early termination fee.

We have located 250 Intuit Merchant Services negative reviews, many of which describe the company as a scam or a ripoff. On a positive note, Intuit Merchant Services has moderately fewer complaints than smaller companies.

The majority of complaints center on hidden fees and sudden account freezes, and Intuit needs to do a better job disclosing fees and hold policies during the sales process.

Intuit, Inc. was fined $11 million in 2014 for allegedly suppressing employee salaries, and is currently facing a class-action suit for allegedly deceiving low-income taxpayers to pay for free tax preparation online.

Intuit offers phone and email support, but long waits and ineffective replies have prevented it from ranking high among merchant accounts.

Intuit was accredited with the Better Business Bureau in 2010 and is currently not accredited. It has received 2,295 complaints, 1,022 of which were resolved to the satisfaction of the merchant.

The BBB’s rating for Intuit has been adjusted to C, due to the current volume and content of complaints about its merchant services department.

Intuit uses various methods for marketing its credit card processing services, including email, direct mail, and telemarketing, and many complaints suggest the company uses deceptive advertising when it comes to rate and fee quotes.

Intuit used to show misleading rate quotes for swiped and keyed transactions. Now that the company is primarily selling merchant services under QuickBooks Payments, it does not show these types of tiered rate quotes.

Intuit Merchant Services rates as an average merchant account provider, but could improve its rating by improving its pricing, contract terms transparency, customer service, and reducing or eliminating its early termination fee.

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