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Merchant Account Solutions Overview

Merchant Account Solutions is a merchant account provider that acts as a reseller of iPayment products and services and as a DBA of Integrated Card Service. The Merchant Account Solutions website identifies the company as “one of the largest merchant acquirers in the nation,” but it’s likely that this distinction more accurately applies to iPayment, its parent company. Merchant Account Solutions prominently advertises “rates starting at 0.39% for swiped cards,” but merchants should understand that this rate is likely the company’s lowest available per-transaction rate by a wide margin.

Integrated Card Service’s products and services include credit card terminals, mobile phone processing, virtual terminals, an online payment gateway, QuickBooks integration, point-of-sale systems, and recurring billing. The company offers email and phone support information on its website, but these lines are most likely serviced by iPayment. Christopher Antoneson is listed as the president of Merchant Account Solutions.

Founded in 2007, Merchant Account Solutions is a DBA of International Card Services and Integrated Card Service. It offers merchant account services, selling iPayment/First Data (Fiserv) products and services, and selling point-of-sale systems.

Merchant Account Solutions offers a range of point-of-sale solutions including Clover tablets, SmartSwipe terminals, LightSpeed terminals, PC America terminals, Verifone terminals, and the Poynt POS system.

The company offers a number of plans with no cancellation fees and has received a moderate-to-high number of complaints.

Merchant Account Solutions offers both monthly and annual plans, and no longer charges early termination or annual fees.

Merchant Account Solutions advertises the services they offer on their website, and charges a monthly gateway fee of $25 and a batch fee of $0.10.

Merchant Account Solutions is generally reported to charge more than advertised for its services, impose a sizable early termination fee, and has inadequately disclosed terms to its sales agents.

Over 50 negative reviews are posted about Merchant Account Solutions and Integrated Card Service.

Merchant Account Solutions offers phone and email support, but it does not list its hours of availability. It doesn’t rank as a top merchant account for great customer service.

Merchant Account Solutions has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since May 2015 and has received 15 complaints. 7 of these complaints were resolved by the company to the satisfaction of the merchant.

Merchant Account Solutions has received 51 informal reviews on its BBB profile, of which 43 are positive while 8 are negative.

Merchant Account Solutions is a credit card processor that uses independent sales agents to market their products. This practice usually results in complaints, and this is consistent with other complaints against Integrated Card Service.

Merchant Account Solutions advertises “starting at 0.35%” for a “qualified” debit rate, which may not apply to the majority of transactions. We recommend an independent statement audit.

Merchant Account Solutions rates as a substandard merchant services provider, because it is simply a DBA of Integrated Card Service (an iPayment reseller with a very low rating on CPO).

Merchant Account Solutions Logo
Merchant Account Solutions Logo

At a glance

Founded: 2007

Location: Aguora Hills, California

Acquiring bank: Wells Fargo Bank


Phone number: 888-875-4808

E-mail: [email protected]

Online reputation and reviews

Merchant Account Solutions has received over 90 negative reviews in public forums, and its previous business names of Integrated Card Service and International Card Services combine for an additional 40 or so complaints. Due to the company’s multiple rebrands over time, these complaints are occasionally directed at two or more brand names as well as iPayment. The available complaints about the company mention undisclosed fees, misrepresentation of contract terms, difficulty cancelling accounts, unauthorized debits, poor customer service, and expensive termination fees. This is a regular slew of complaints for an iPayment company.

Legal actions and lawsuits

There are no outstanding or recently resolved legal actions related to Merchant Account Solutions at this time.

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  1. I was looking for a mobile friendly POS system to process credit/debit cards. Found this one and sent the requested info for sign up. I was told there was a $7.95 a month fee plus % swipe fee. I was told by phone that I would have a $2000 daily limit. I processed my first transaction of $1358 and received an email saying processed. A few days later I received another email saying it had been held up. After 2 weeks of holding my customers money, the called and told me they had cancelled my account and refunded her. I had to contact customer and give her a $400 discount in order to get a partial payment. On Mar 2nd, 2017 this company charged my bank $36.46, on Mar 24th 2017 they charged my bank a $350 cancel fee, on Apr 3rd 2017 they charged my bank account $26.47. I have both emailed and called this company to no avail. I have not had the use of this service, I did not cancel, they did. And they cost me the $458 discount I had to give the customer. Added to the $413.20 they have taken, this company has cost me much more than their service would have been worth. I filed a complaint with the BBB. Just received a call from MAS saying that I broke the contract (which by the way I never signed and they keep promising to send me a copy of but don’t) AND if you go to their website the top proclaims in large letters ” No contracts, no cancellation fees”. They are a scam and a ripoff from what I can see.

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