Merchant e-Solutions Review

Merchant e-Solutions is a credit card processing provider headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia that provides services for most business needs, including global payments. The company has since been acquired by Cielo S.A., but the exact details of this acquisition are unknown.

Costs & Contract: Offers a 3-year contract with early termination fees. Has received more than 10 public complaints regarding its service and customer service.

Merchant e-Solutions offers a typical contract of 3 years with automatic renewal, and a PCI Compliance fee of $34.95, monthly minimum fee of $20, a chargeback fee of $25, a qualified rate of 2.69% plus $0.30 per transaction.

Merchant e-Solutions advertises its storefront payment processing services and virtual terminal and payment gateway services without disclosing their pricing.

A liquidated damages early termination fee is calculated based on the average monthly processing fees over the most recent 6 months and the number of months remaining in the initial term.

We found complaints and company rebuttals confirming the company’s liquidated damages fee. We awarded the company a grade of D, although the PCI Compliance fee is slightly lower than usual.

Merchant e-Solutions complaints on the Internet include a large liquidated damages early termination fee, strange Amex charges, poor customer service, and fund holds.

In 2013, Merchant e-Solutions was sued over a patent. A former employee filed a lawsuit over an undisclosed matter in 2020, but the case was dismissed.

Merchant e-Solutions offers a dedicated helpline and a customer support form on its website but its customer service is not sufficient to qualify it as a top-rated processor for customer service.

The BBB has accredited Merchant e-Solutions, but only one of its profiles remains, under MerchantE. The company currently has 1 complaint in the last 36 months.

Merchant e-Solutions had 6 complaints posted to its Spokane BBB profile when the BBB review was written, but the company now has a clean complaint record.

Merchant e-Solutions is a credit card processor relying on referrals and partnerships with independent sales agents to market its services. This may result in an elevated complaint rate.

Merchant e-Solutions is a company that may use deceptive advertising strategies. It is recommended to seek a third-party statement audit.

Merchant e-Solutions rates as an average merchant services provider, with slightly higher complaint rate than expected of a company of its size and time in business.

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