National Processing Review

The company appears to offer variable contract terms and has received fewer than 10 public complaints regarding its service. It has received 2 complaints and 6 reviews from its customers.

National Processing charges an interchange plus 0.20% plus $0.10 for swiped payments and 0.30% plus $0.10 for keyed-in transactions, with no monthly minimum fees or annual fees.

The monthly fee and per-transaction fee for the ACH processing service are $15 and $0.48, respectively, and the service also includes a per-return fee of $2.

The National Processing website advertises no annual contracts and there are no complaints about the company. National Processing has rates competitive with some of the cheapest payment processors.

We have eight negative reviews for National Processing, and in one case we found the company refused to deliver funds totaling $14,013.50 to a merchant.

National Processing appeared to have signed up a merchant for a third-party gateway without the merchant’s knowledge. iCheckGateway held the merchant’s very large sum, but no clear way was available to the merchant to recover his funds.

National Processing entered into a lawsuit with MiCamp Solutions in 2019. It appears that the case was dismissed, though it is unclear what the result was for the two companies.

National Processing customer support information includes a general phone number, account care phone number, and email address.

National Processing currently has an “A+” rating with the BBB, has only 2 complaints in the past 3 years, and has resolved 1 complaint to the satisfaction of the merchant.

National Processing appears to market its services through traditional advertising and strategic partnerships. We have found no complaints against National Processing.

National Processing’s homepage promised rates as low as $.10 for ACH and .15% for credit cards, but its pricing page was not updated.

National Processing has changed its marketing to promote its clearly listed interchange-plus pricing or zero-fee program, both of which are much more transparent.

National Processing rates as a reliable merchant services provider. Its transparency and support options stack up well compared to some of the best credit card processors.

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