Poynt POS Review

A startup called Poynt was created to sell a single piece of hardware with pre-installed POS software and a built-in register.

Poynt sells a proprietary POS system that is compatible with all major credit card processors and accepts all major debit and credit cards and MOTO and virtual terminal purchases.

Poynt started shipping its first orders in September 2015 and is headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

GoDaddy announced its intention to acquire Poynt and plans to integrate Poynt payment systems into its existing hosting platform.

The price and contract terms will vary depending on the company, the BBB rating and the customer service and complaints received.

Poynt is a piece of equipment that connects to a merchant’s chosen credit card processor, and it does not charge any per-transaction or monthly fees.

Poynt, a new type of credit card terminal, will be priced higher than conventional credit card swipers, but the versatility of the product will probably justify any one-time purchase cost.

Over 30 negative reviews have been published about Poynt, including several complaints about software and hardware issues, poor customer service, and difficulty setting up the system.

We have found no class-action lawsuits or FTC complaints filed against Poynt, but in 2016 the company was sued by Verifone for trademark infringement.

Poynt offers customer support via a contact form, phone number and FAQ page. The company has a low complaint total, but many of its complaints are recent and echo severe issues.

Poynt has not received BBB accreditation and has received 3 complaints. Only 1 complaint was resolved to the satisfaction of the merchant.

Poynt does not market directly to merchants, and is generally removed from the sales process.

Poynt is a quality point-of-sale system, but it has received complaints for its device malfunctions, setup process, and poor customer service.

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