PrimePay Review

PrimePay is a privately held merchant account provider that resells merchant services of First Data.

First Data (Fiserv) offers a standard contract with variable costs, and has received several complaints about service and sales.

PrimePay is a company that resells the services of First Data. The company has contracts with non-cancellable and long term equipment leases through First Data Global Leasing.

PrimePay can alter its terms depending on the merchant’s size, business type, and processing history, but its rates are not readily available.

PrimePay offers storefront payment processing services, virtual terminal and payment gateway services, but does not disclose pricing for these services.

PrimePay advertises that it does not require long-term contracts, but there is no evidence as to whether or not the standard PrimePay rates and fees are cheapest.

PrimePay has received complaints about payroll errors, unreachable customer support, and a negative work environment. It does not appear that the company’s credit card processing service is a contributing factor.

Though PrimePay filed a lawsuit against a former employee, we cannot find any class action lawsuits or FTC complaints regarding its merchant services.

PrimePay Global, a former name of ElitePay Global, offers a phone number for customer support. This number is used exclusively for merchant services, and there is no dedicated email support address or live chat.

PrimePay was not accredited with the Better Business Bureau and received 3 complaints with no final resolution.

Given the low complaint total, we agree with the BBB’s rating. However, merchants should be skeptical of the BBB’s rating system.

PrimePay markets its merchant services as part of its payroll services rather than through a separate merchant services division. The company’s website does not seem to advertise unethical or aggressive sales practices.

PrimePay provides a savings calculator that is based solely on the merchant’s annual credit card processing volume, and this calculator is a rudimentary example of a tactic.

PrimePay rates as a reliable merchant services provider, and it has a low number of complaints. However, its BBB profile may change after it has been given some time to amass complaints.

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