Revel Systems POS Review

Revel Systems is a point-of-sale provider based in San Francisco that partners with PayPal, First Data, Worldpay, Newtek, Adyen, Moneris, QuickBooks Payments, Tyro, and Quest Payment Systems.

Revel offers the most complete POS system on the market, including kiosks, cash drawers, printers, barcode scanners, network solutions, diagnostic hardware, kitchen screens, bumpbars, caller-ID displays, and scales.

Revel Systems was founded in 2010 and maintains headquarters at 575 Market Street Suite #2200, San Francisco, CA 94105.

The software company has received more than 100 complaints regarding its services and has a low-to-moderate number of complaints about its sales and marketing efforts.

Revel has listed its pricing on its website, but initially preferred merchants to contact it for specific service packages.

Revel’s software starts at $99 per month and includes inventory management, customer-relation management, employee management, reporting and analytics features, and a three-year agreement with Revel Advantage, a company that provides payment processing services.

The company’s processing fees are not particularly competitive with low-cost merchant account providers, so business owners should be sure they are doing sufficient monthly volume to justify the high up-front expense.

Revel Systems has over 100 negative reviews on various consumer protection websites, and complaints include difficulty setting up the system, high pricing, poor tech support, and persistent software and hardware malfunctions.

A class action lawsuit was filed against Revel Systems for unpaid overtime wages. The plaintiffs were inside sales representatives, who worked in excess of 55 hours during some weeks to make their sales goals.

In order to mitigate its liability for damages, the company claimed that the sales representatives were exempt from the overtime protections codified under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Although Revel has a low-to-moderate complaint total, many recent complaints are viewed as severe, and the company’s customer service is disputed in merchant complaints.

Revel Systems currently has a “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau and has had 12 complaints filed in the past 36 months. 3 of the complaints have been resolved to the satisfaction of the merchant.

Revel Systems has received many complaints relating to its recent failure to deliver PPE.

Revel Systems markets itself through its own sales team and through resellers, but does not offer specific rate quotes or contractual offers.

Merchants with specialized needs should voice those needs before signing up for Revel, and should consider a third-party statement audit before signing up with Revel.

Revel Systems appears to be a good solution for businesses interested in its full service suite, but its high cost, poor customer service, and equipment installation have raised complaints.

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