SumUp Review

SumUp is a European mobile credit card processing application that launched in mid-2012. It offers a phone app, a flat processing fee of 1.69% for all card types and transactions, and a 3G-powered card reader that is not data-cost-intensive.

In April 2016, SumUp merged with Payleven, but retained the SumUp brand. In February 2019, SumUp acquired Shoplo, and expanded its e-commerce offering for merchants.

SumUp offers a fixed per-transaction fee and one-time cost to buy a subscription to the service. It has received more than 100 public complaints.

SumUp has a very transparent pricing model of 1.69% for chip-and-PIN, 2.5% for virtual terminal and SMS, and a money-back guarantee. The company also offers a reserve account and cash reserve policy.

Merchants should review the company’s prohibited business types to avoid sudden account cancellation and fund-holds, and should follow the same rules with SumUp that they would follow to avoid Square fund-holds.

SumUp’s contract terms are competitive with other mobile processors, and the company may even be the best option for merchant accounts.

We are able to locate 130 SumUp complaints, some of which are related to the company’s poor customer support, confusing pricing, and withholding or late delivery of funds.

SumUp offers customer support via email, an online help center, and live chat, but does not offer phone support during business hours.

We located a single SumUp customer support phone number. It offers a general customer support email address, and a data privacy questions email address.

The Better Business Bureau has assigned SumUp an “A-” rating, but has not granted the company accreditation. In the last 36 months, the company has received 11 complaints, 5 of which were resolved to the satisfaction of the merchant.

SumUp appears to primarily market its services through traditional advertising, but we found one review from a merchant who felt they were misled as to what kind of card reader they would receive.

The company does not seem to engage in deceptive advertising strategies in its official materials, but third-party statement audits are possible.

SumUp appears to be a worthy alternative to its mobile payment app competitors in Europe and the US. It has a phone support line that helps to keep the risk mitigation issues at bay.

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