Toast POS Review

Toast is a cloud-based POS system for Android tablets and the company offers a bundled credit card processing service.

Toast has a variety of point-of-sale systems, including desktop terminals, handheld POS systems, pay-at-the-table devices, kitchen displays, and self-ordering kiosks.

Toast is partnered with one of the top 3 credit card processors in the U.S.

It has received more than 50 public complaints regarding service, and has received 62 complaints and 35 reviews from the Better Business Bureau.

Toast charges merchants $79 per month for payment processing services, $50 per additional device, and $75 for inventory management, gift cards, and online ordering.

Toast charges merchants a transaction fee in addition to hardware and software costs for each credit card payment processed through its service.

Toast’s FAQ page states that the company’s per-transaction fee is 1.8% plus $0.15 per swiped transaction.

Toast does not disclose its fees per transaction. It also advertises that it can match merchants’ current rates, but no standard contract length is specified.

There are no public complaints about Toast’s merchant account terms, but we assume that most users are satisfied with them for now.

We are able to locate 50 negative Toast reviews, but the complaints do not describe the company as a ripoff or a scam. The available complaints include: costs too much, needs to be restarted, not compatible with printers, customer support is not adequate.

Toast offers phone support as well as email support, and offers live chat support through its website.

The Better Business Bureau has reported that Toast POS has received 62 complaints, of which 39 were resolved by the company to the satisfaction of the merchant.

Toast POS markets itself through referral partnerships, online advertising, and inbound sales. It does not disclose its specific processing fees, but there are no complaints of misrepresentation or nondisclosure.

Toast does not publish fees associated with its merchant account, so merchants have the option to limit their exposure to hidden costs.

The Toast POS system is rated high for its low hardware costs, its customer support, and its expanding array of features.

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