Velocity, LLC Review

There are reports connecting Velocity, LLC to several other companies, including Payment Systems Corporation, Smart Choice Payments, First Choice Payments, American Payment Systems, and North American Processing Solutions.

Todd McCartney is listed alongside several companies in legal disputes, which include North American Processing Solutions, Payment Systems Corporation, and Advantage Media Partners.

Our investigation found that North American Processing Solutions shared an address with a Massage Envy franchise, and that North American Processing Solutions was a subsidiary of American Payment Systems, which was part of the T-Money Holdings portfolio.

Velocity also offers marketing services alongside its e-commerce merchant accounts, but it is in fact a payment processor as well.

Todd McCartney, the president of Velocity, Wholesale Merchant Processing, Smart Choice Payments, and American Payment Systems, is listed as the president of four payment processing companies.

Smart Choice Payments offers a three-year contract with an early termination fee of $495, uses the First Data (Fiserv)-powered Payeezy gateway for e-commerce services, and has received more than 30 public complaints regarding its services.

A merchant complaint found that the standard Velocity payment processing contract is identical to the standard Smart Choice Payments contract, and has a $495 early termination fee and a $4.95 monthly PCI compliance fee.

Velocity, LLC references Payeezy, powered by First Data (Fiserv). Payeezy offers 2 plans, one with a flat rate of 2.90% plus $0.30 and another with a lower flat rate of 1.89% plus $0.23.

The contracts are more expensive than industry averages for merchant account contracts, and the agents commonly package their processing agreements with long-term equipment leases through Northern Leasing Systems.

More than 30 reviews accuse Velocity of being a scam. Common themes among complaints include nondisclosure of contract terms, poor customer service, expensive equipment leases, and an unprofessional work environment.

The company is not different from Smart Choice Payments. It offers a single customer service number and a customer support form on its website.

Velocity, LLC is currently not BBB-accredited and currently has 21 complaints between its BBB profile and that of Smart Choice Payments. 3 of these 21 complaints were resolved to the satisfaction of the merchant.

Although Velocity’s BBB profile is separate from Smart Choice’s BBB profile, we will adjust its rating to a “D” for now.

Velocity Payments sells its products and services through telemarketing and independently contracted sales agents, but there have been complaints about nondisclosure of contract terms, undelivered goods, and difficulty contacting sales agents.

Velocity’s payment processing complaints usually mirror those against Smart Choice Payments, although the company has also generated complaints related to its marketing services.

According to our rating criteria, Velocity, LLC is a substandard merchant services provider for its add-on marketing services and has received complaints from its merchants.

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