VersaPay Review

It appears that the company uses variable contract terms through BluePay and does not appear to hire independently contracted sales agents.

The VersaPay terms and conditions detail a 2.39% plus $0.25 fee structure, and an annual PCI compliance fee of $99.

VersaPay’s mobile payment solution advertises 2.59% plus $0.15 per transaction but does not elaborate on other costs or contract terms.

VersaPay offers POS equipment, and there are no complaints about its cost, so it may be competitive with even the cheapest merchant accounts.

One VersaPay negative review mentioned difficulty with setup, and three others were posted by current or former employees.

VersaPay is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but has not received any negative informal reviews.

VersaPay appears to rely on strategic partnerships and an outside sales team to market its services.

VersaPay appears to not engage in deceptive advertising strategies; we recommend seeking an audit of your account to eliminate hidden fees.

VersaPay rates as a reliable merchant services provider with low complaint volume, but little information about its pricing is available.

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