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Direct Processors is a relatively new merchant account provider that, according to multiple public sources, is a DBA of a Portland, Oregon-based payment processor called Prestige Payment Systems. Along with National Card Solutions and United Card Solutions, Direct Processors appears to be a new brand that was launched by Prestige Payment Systems at some point in mid-2015. All three companies are publicly represented by a marketing specialist named Jeff Easter, but it isn’t clear whether Jeff Easter is a full-time employee of Direct Processors. Direct Processors does not identify its executive team, its location, or its corporate affiliations on its website.

Direct Processors’s products and services include credit card terminals, PIN pads, point-of-sale systems, wireless terminals, online payment gateways, online shopping carts, and gift and loyalty programs. The company provides a contact form and a dedicated customer support phone number on its website. Jeff Easter is listed as the manager of Direct Processors, while Brad Law and Jonathan Beckman are the managers of Prestige Payment Systems.

Direct Processors Logo
Direct Processors Logo

At a glance

Founded: 2015

Location: Vancouver, Washington

Acquiring bank: Wells Fargo Bank


Phone number: 844-838-3090

E-mail: Contact form here



Online reputation and reviews

Direct Processors has received a handful of negative reviews from merchants. Frequently mentioned issues include nondisclosure of contract terms, poor or unresponsive customer service, expensive long-term equipment contracts, and misrepresentation of rates. In particular, there is some evidence that Direct Processors describes its equipment leases as “program fees” without mentioning that they are in fact non-cancellable, four-year contracts through third-party providers. Prestige Payment Systems, United Card Solutions, and National Card Solutions have all received similar complaints.

Legal actions and lawsuits

There are no outstanding or recently resolved legal actions related to Direct Processors at this time.

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14 responses to “Direct Processors Reviews”

  1. This company is now representing itself as Pay Partners. The sales agents will completely lie to your face to get you to sign up. Once you’re transferred to another department it’s completely different. Everything you were told and promised was a lie. On top of the the customer service or representative handling your account is horrible and unprofessional. Please beware, I got an uneasy feeling almost immediately after my application and with every person I talk to it gets worse.

  2. WOW. It is difficult enough being in business without these thieves preying on you. I wish I could use the term MISREPRESENTED but they just outright lied about virtually every line item in the contract. Ask all the questions you want, they simply lie. What these people do should be a crime. I was told the deal would be 0% debit, 1% credit .10 swipe fee and $149 per month. No matter how many times and different ways I asked I was told it really is that good. ALL LIES. Just got my $149 annual PCI compliance fee charged (just one more fee that they said would be covered by the $149 per month which isn’t). I have filed complaints with a dozen different agencies from the states Attorneys General, BBB, FTC, FDIC, State banking commissions, state business licensing divisions etc. Planning to change processors and bank accounts then let them come after me.

  3. they scam you by telling you its a service contract for credit card services and then switch it to a non cancelable lease for equiptment that your stuck with 48 months STEVEN LAUREN was the rep goodluck trying get hold that JACK!

  4. They are straight thieves we need to stop these crooks every damn thing the salesman told me was a lie. Class action lawsuit time!!!

  5. I was hesitant to sign after reading bad reviews and it sounding way too good…..but I wasn’t happy with Elliot management, so I made the switch to the $399/month, 0%, 1%, 7¢ program with a free online gateway (they called it a “zero account” that all I have to pay is the rates and transaction fee)
    Well they sent me 3 terminals and 3 pin pads when all I needed was one!!! I tried to tell them it was over kill on the equipment but they wouldn’t listen. I talked to Chris, Victoria and Derick Chris and Victoria were pushy and wanted me to sign that day! Only Derick understood I needed to compare to my statements and make sure I was comfortable. My first bill didn’t make sense but Siera explained it too me. So far I really am saving money. The real question is will they actually honor the 0&1 per cent the entire 48 months?

    • Jonathan,
      I am looking at switching over to Direct Processors. I have the same thoughts of signing with seeing negative reviews. I am looking at the same program you said you were on. I am asking if you are still happy with your rates? If you are still saving money?

  6. The sales manager, Jay McGraw is a great salesman. My mistake was to trust everything he told me. Thankfully I did not agree to the 48 month lease and only accepted a month to month agreement. I had recently done alot of research on the various ways in processors charge you, so I had a ton of questions for him. I quizzed him on all scenarios and it sounded too good to be true. He convinced me that what he was telling me would really happen. He told me he it was a simple $79 per month and then 0% for all debit and 1% for all credit cards (qualified, non qualified and mid-qualified). I asked about interchange and he said that it is included in the flat fee. He even asked me to go through all my past credit card bills and re-calculate them based on his proposed rates. Since I am an accountant by trade, I did just that. I came out better most months. I still did not trust what he was telling me. He really had to work hard to convince me to climb aboard. I signed on the 1st of the month but my software to process the cards was not completed (delay was Direct Processors fault) until the middle of the following month (6 weeks after signing). I was billed the the first of the following month even though I had not processed a single card, since my software was not hooked up with them. I phoned customer service to see if I could get credited for that month and the CS Manager told me that I had to start processing with them in order for her to refund my money. She also said she would prorate the following bill because I only got to process with them for 1/2 month. Well it’s been over 2 weeks now and I still haven’t received the refund and I just got the new bill and it is not prorated. The biggest kicker is that it included Interchange!!! I put a call into the CS Manager and have not heard back yet. What hurts the most is these peoples disregard for other people. I don’t know how they live with themselves lying and deceiving people for their profession. I even shared with the Sales Manager how I had a feeling down deep in my gut that he was misrepresenting this whole thing to me and he said all the right things to make me give them a try. He said if I wasn’t pleased I could get out no problem and no cost. (By the way, when I questioned him on the $250 fee that is on the lease paper, he said that it doesn’t apply because I am month to month. Well, according to CS Manager, it still applies even though I am month to month!). Bottom Line: They basically tell you anything they can to get you to sign up and they misrepresent what they are selling. Credit card processing is a very complicated thing and they are counting on people not understanding how it works. They say to always get it in writing. The problem is, I thought I was getting it in writing. I asked all the right questions and questioned all the line items on my agreement and was basically told wrong information. And even though they lied to me, it doesn’t matter. There is nothing I can do to make them refund my money or not charge me the cancellation fee to cancel. This is just an real expensive lesson I learned. What ever happened to honesty and integrity? It certainly isn’t alive at Direct Processors

    • Thank you for sending the information. I have to turn down your service because of the banking service you are using, Wells Fargo due to unsavory practices in my area.

    • Why don’t you report them to the federal trade commission? They take complaints. They pulled the same month to month scam on me, and now supposedly, I have to pay thousands of dollars to get out of the contract even though there is no ”lease” but a month to month term… which was explained by the salesman to mean ”no early termination fee”. I am considering filing the complaint; however, I am concerned that one single complaint will not have too much impact.

    • I have experienced the same thing as you. Direct processor promised that is no interchange fee and i only need to pay 0 debit 1 percent on credit card. 7cents per transaction and 149 membership fee. But membership fee turn out to be equipment leasing fee. In less than 6 months, they have charged me appx 100 in Oct for annual fee and another appr 100 annual fee in december. I am charged $149 even we were closed for vocation and I notified them in advance (I was promise that they dont charge us when we close for vocation). They raised my 1 percent to 1.6 percent in may 2018, and my 7 cents per transaction is 9 cents now. I called numerous times. Some reps are nice others are rude. When I left messages on voice mail no one ever call back. I was told the 149 per month would cover all the extra fees, it is a total lie. I just paid 22 dollar for pulse network annual fee (network fee is only 12 dollars when direcr proseccor raised it to 22 dollars). They just notified me that they would start charging another 12.5 for compliance fee every month.

  7. Completely misrepresented themselves and the fees they would charge. Instead of reducing my credit card fees by 25% they actually increased by over 60%. Don’t believe a word they say. Nothing but a fraud.

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