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United Card Solutions Overview

United Card Solutions is a relatively new merchant account provider that, according to multiple public complaints, is a DBA of a Portland, Oregon-based payment processor called Prestige Payment Systems. United Card Solutions is one of three such brands allegedly created by the company; the other two suspected DBAs for Prestige Payment Systems are National Card Solutions and Direct Processors. All three companies are publicly represented by a marketing specialist named Jeff Easter, but it is unclear what role Jeff Easter fills at United Card Solutions. United Card Solutions does not identify its executive team, its location, or its corporate affiliations on its website.

United Card Solutions’s products and services include credit card terminals, PIN pads, point-of-sale systems, wireless terminals, online payment gateways, online shopping carts, and mail order/telephone order solutions. The company provides a contact form and a dedicated phone number on its website. Jeff Easter is listed as the manager of United Card Solutions, while Brad Law and Jonathan Beckman are the managers of Prestige Payment Systems.

United Card Solutions Logo
United Card Solutions Logo

At a glance

Founded: 2015

Location: Portland, Oregon

Acquiring bank: Wells Fargo Bank

Website: unitedcardsolutions.com

Phone number: 844-838-3089

E-mail: Contact form here



Online reputation and reviews

United Card Solutions is the subject of roughly a dozen negative reviews, which is a rather high amount for its brief time in business. Commonly cited issues within these complaints include nondisclosure of contract terms, poor or unresponsive customer service, expensive long-term equipment contracts, and misrepresentation of rates. In particular, there is some evidence that United Card Solutions refers to its equipment leases as “program fees” without mentioning that they are in fact non-cancellable, four-year contracts through third-party providers. These complaints mirror those that have been filed against Prestige Payment Systems and are also replicated to a lesser extent on the online profiles of National Card Solutions and Direct Processors.

Legal actions and lawsuits

There are no outstanding or recently resolved legal actions related to United Card Solutions at this time.

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9 responses to “United Card Solutions Reviews”

  1. Stay away from this unscrupulous company with their bait and switch tactics. I was sold a 1% processing fee on all of my credit card transactions with a monthly payment of $349 per month to get that rate. The $349 monthly fee was not a buy down fee to get the 1% as their slimy salespeople would have you believe. What you are really doing is signing up for a 48 month equipment lease on credit card processing machines.I used their processing gateway for less than a week for a total credit card charge volume of $8843. I got my first debit from by bank account today for $741.62. This fee Minus the $349 per month leaves $392.00 in discount fees bringing the total discount fee to 4.43%. Beware if you sign up with this unethical outfit you will not be getting a 1% discount rate on your charge volume what you will be signing up for is a 48 month nonrefundable lease with First Data Global Leasing.##baitandswitch ##scamartists ##BuyerBeware

  2. DO NOT USE THEM!!!! They lie till they get you to sign with them and then they do not help you in any way to back up their promises. I was paying 2% fees with my previous company and they promised 1%. When my first bill came it was 3.5%. The sales rep will not answer his phone or emails.

  3. This company is the very worst I have done business with. I have tried for 3 months to talk to some one. If you called their so called customer service you are greeted with an answering machine and told to leave you number and they never call you back
    They also don’t tell you about sneaky added in fees or pass on the saving that were supposed to be given. I for one am finished with them. So anyone reading this run away as fast as you can

  4. Oh brother, was this a “Boiler Room” organization that took advantage of a small business person. I got the call (numerous calls) to sign up for their 0% debit, 1% credit card processing fees with no annual fees. United Card Solutions was waving 2 other fees to sign up “Now”. Being the owner and bottle washer, I’m not usually in front of my computer. I told them to call me back at a specific time, they would not. Finally (two days later) I got the call saying they would credit my account $500 and pay the early termination fee ($250) of my existing merchant provider. I turned on the tablet, got wifi and created (for United Card Solutions) their perfect storm. I was setting tile on a bathtub, with my tablet on the toilet, my Bluetooth in my ear I started docu-signing away. Did the recorded call thing. Told them I do not need the POS device as I do not have a store front, just the swiper device for my Andriod phone. Boy was I flabbergasted 2 days later when I received an email about a 48 month lease for equipment – to the tune of $79 a month. Mind you I can purchase this swiper outright for $79, I called United Card Solutions to cancel this lease. I was put on the phone with my sales rep Holli S, the most obnoxious rude female I ever dealt with in 29 years of being in business. I told here I did not need this equipment and to cancel this lease. She was having no part of that, reciting (time and time again) “you’re contract states………..” “we have you on voice recording saying………..” and not listening to a word I was saying. I told here the lease was a deal breaker, and to cancel everything with me. She (after calling me a 5 year old) told me it’s $1,132 to cancel your account and you’re still obligated to the lease of the equipment. No one further up the ladder to talk to, not hearing anything about a 72 hour grace period to cancel deals such as this, she rudely told me to pound sand. My sister meanwhile (sitting inn the room listening to the conversation on speaker) started searching the internet. United Card Solution has no social media. We did find a couple of sites (like this) where others trashed UCS in reviews for being duped into signing up like I had. They went on to state low fee’s promised were not honored nor were their concerns addressed. Rude representatives metered out the “pound sand” act I got. As I read further, I saw many mentioned they were being charged fee’s not discussed – but was in the fine print of the contract (hastily) signed, things like a $399 charge to insure the equipment your were leasing. One review even mentioned that UCS took out a $9,800 loan against his business account. This was enough for me. Before they could get their greedy mits on my finances, I closed my business checking account. A great hassle but if they want money from me, they’re going to get it the hard way. Talked to Holli S about returning the equipment, got the same (horrible) attitude saying “tuff shit, it’s yours”. Well fast forward to a billing cycle where they, their merchant carrier and the lease company got nothing. Now all of a sudden my lease is canceled “with no further obligation” and a address to return the equipment to. Of course this came in an email from Holli S with the whole “you owe us $32 a month for 36 months” early termination fee. Once I get conformation that the equipment is returned, I will tell Holli S where to look for this early termination fee. Until that time I am relieved that I did (what most did not want to do) and close my account giving them no access to my funds. There’s going to be nothing in it for them to come after me for $1,200 – probably have the law on my side too. This is an organization preying on the small business person too busy to deal with their scam and just riding out this 48 month rip off. Their promises of lower fees / costs is a bold face lie. They do not divulge these charges up front. They should be ashamed of themselves for preying on the public like this. Well I for one won’t be ripped off or intimidated by people of such low character. As they say in the Bronx, United Card Solutions can “Kiss my ass is Macy’s window”.

  5. The worst card service company around, pushy sales and worse customer service!!! was sold a product based on lies, i had them review and invoice from previous company and they reduced it by half then the first invoice showed up, what a farce DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!
    Called several times to talk with the sales person and he can not event return my calls or emails

  6. It’s hard to know where to start. We had been pricing out changing credit card processing companies and out of the blue, we received a call from Chris from United Card Solutions. He was selling low-fee credit card processing and a very cool POS system called Clover. He was pleasant. He was aggressive. He made us feel like we couldn’t say no because EVERY answer to all of the questions we asked (i.e. : can your system process service industry tickets, does it sync with QuickBooks, will we ACTUALLY only pay 1% in fees) was yes. We walked through the contract with him and everything was very confusing, but he kept assuring us that the fees we were seeing were something else and we wouldn’t be paying them. We said yes and signed the contract thinking we were getting an awesome POS for our service business with rock bottom fees and fully capable of handling everything we needed it to do. It was a total con. We were sold a system that not only was considerably more expensive than what we currently use, but also had NONE of the functionality. It doesn’t sync sales to QuickBooks. It doesn’t have a service app. We won’t even get into the actual processing fees….

    Aside from being ripped off, when we tried to work things out with our sales rep he told us he didn’t care (that’s verbatim) and hung up on us. No one from customer service will return our phone calls. No one will work with us to get the POS returned so we are stuck in a 4 year lease that we can’t break. We’ve contacted a lawyer and closed all of our business accounts. We were fooled and the old adage stands — “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”. Don’t be taken advantage of just hang up the phone if they call.

  7. I have been a customer since Sept 2016. I have been ripped off, lied to, and completely screwed by United Card Solutions. Never, ever, ever use them for any merchant services. They will have you sign lease agreements with First Data that are 48 months at $72 per month to lease the card processor that you can get for free from reputable companies. The lease is also non-cancellable, so you will be stuck paying thousands of dollars to these scam artists. Then after all that you will get zero customer service and no one answers the phone when you call to try to deal with these crooks. Save yourself the hassle and go elsewhere for your card services. The rates are much better and you wont let these guys rip you off.

  8. II am a customer with united card solutions and have a machine with first data I have been in business for 30 year and was shopping for a new prosscessing I get a cold call from united card solutions I told them I own my own credit card machine they tell me no problem it’s free I The find out after a year there a two accounts coming out of my bank one for 60.00 the machine that is 189.00 if you buy it outright I would pay over the 4 years 2,880 I was furious I call United card solutions my I signed one contact there a three and all with same exact signature photo then united card solutions starts add monthly more charges like desk fee service fee report fee fees for not having the right signature. It cost me 50.00 to stop them At my bank from a ripoff company. Iet them take me to court

  9. I am very disappointed in United Card Solutions. The sales pitch and what they deliver price wise are completely different. My monthly bills are hundreds of dollars more than I was lead to believe they would be. You don’t see the actual contract until it was time to sign. They called everyday sometimes several times a day to get me to sign up. When I have billing questions I get the run around, put on hold and they never return a call. The actual machines, in this case Clover are good and I like them. They didn’t tell me about the extra lease for the card reader and now I get weekly emails wanting me to sign up for compliance which I already am. And their parent company tried to bill me an extra $30 per month plus $200 a year to be compliant. Fortunately I read the letter got on the phone and stopped that. And they want you to sign everything online without the benefit or time of reading the paperwork first. I would never do business with these folks ever again.

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