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National Card Solutions Overview

National Card Solutions is a relatively new merchant account provider that, according to multiple public sources, is a DBA of a Portland, Oregon-based payment processor called Prestige Payment Systems. National Card Solutions has been named as one of three active DBAs of Prestige Payment Systems, with the other two being United Card Solutions and Direct Processors. All three companies are publicly represented by a marketing specialist named Jeff Easter, but it is unclear how Jeff Easter is employed at the company. National Card Solutions does not identify its executive team, its location, or its corporate affiliations on its website.

National Card Solutions’s products and services include credit card terminals, PIN pads, point-of-sale systems, wireless terminals, online payment gateways, online shopping carts, and gift and loyalty programs. The company provides a contact form and a dedicated phone support number on its website. Jeff Easter is listed as the manager of National Card Solutions, while Brad Law and Jonathan Beckman are the managers of Prestige Payment Systems.

National Card Solutions Logo
National Card Solutions Logo

At a glance

Founded: 2015

Location: Sacramento, California

Acquiring bank: Wells Fargo Bank


Phone number: 844-838-3091

E-mail: Contact form here



Online reputation and reviews

National Card Solutions has received a handful of negative reviews online since it was founded in mid-2015. Commonly cited issues by complainants include nondisclosure of contract terms, expensive long-term equipment contracts, and misrepresentation of rates. There is some evidence that National Card Solutions, like United Card Solutions, refers to its equipment leases as “program fees” without mentioning that they are in fact non-cancellable, four-year contracts through third-party providers. These complaints are similar to those that have been filed against Prestige Payment Systems and can also be seen on some online profiles for United Card Solutions and Direct Processors.

Legal actions and lawsuits

There are no outstanding or recently resolved legal actions related to National Card Solutions at this time.

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4 responses to “National Card Solutions Reviews”

  1. Stay away from this unscrupulous company with their bait and switch tactics. I was sold a 1% processing fee on all of my credit card transactions with a monthly payment of $349 per month to get that rate. The $349 monthly fee was not a buy down fee to get the 1% as their slimy salespeople would have you believe. What you are really doing is signing up for a 48 month equipment lease on credit card processing machines.I used their processing gateway for less than a week for a total credit card charge volume of $8843. I got my first debit from by bank account today for $741.62. This fee Minus the $349 per month leaves $392.00 in discount fees bringing the total discount fee to 4.43%. Beware if you sign up with this unethical outfit you will not be getting a 1% discount rate on your charge volume what you will be signing up for is a 48 month nonrefundable lease with First Data Global Leasing.##baitandswitch ##scamartists ##BuyerBeware

  2. A BUNCH OF LYING CROOKS! STAY AWAY FROM THEM!! THEY WILL BREAK YOU ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!!! They scammed me almost a year ago I am still fighting them off!

  3. they are a scam! I have never seen a company so dirty and dispicable. They will give you the run around and they will charge you 4 times your promise fee. And yes they will do whatever it take to win you and cheat you. I hope they will get a bunch of lawsuits.

  4. BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE This company will lie to you and steal your hard earned money.

    They hide behind a company Prestige Payment Systems and also operate United Card Solutions and Direct Processors. BEWARE
    I will be positing the owners and offices as soon as my research is completed with every bit of information I can find regarding real addresses and telephone numbers

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