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Small Business Growth Alliance Overview

Small Business Growth Alliance is a merchant account provider that is operated by the executive team behind Merchant Services, Inc. The company advertises itself as a general provider of marketing and back-office solutions, but the bulk of its products and services are related to electronic payments. Small Business Growth Alliance’s address in Henderson, Nevada, appears to be the location of a UPS Store, which may indicate that the company’s physical offices are located elsewhere.

Small Business Growth Alliance’s products and services include credit card terminals, mobile phone processing, point-of-sale systems, reputation management services, payroll solutions, accounting solutions, and merchant cash advance. The company offers a phone support number on its website as well as a contact form. It does not list the identities of its management team, but its registration in the state of Nevada lists Jason Moore as the president of Small Business Growth Alliance.

Small Business Growth Alliance Logo
Small Business Growth Alliance Logo

At a glance

Founded: 2012

Location: Henderson, Nevada

Acquiring bank: Wells Fargo Bank


Phone number: 800-889-7242

E-mail: Contact form here



Online reputation and reviews

Small Business Growth Alliance has received nearly 20 complaints in public forums, but if we apply Merchant Services, Inc.’s complaints, then the total is roughly 60 complaints. By far the largest issue cited by complainants is deception by sales agents, which manifests itself in undisclosed equipment lease terms, hidden fees, unauthorized debits, and aggressive sales tactics. Other issues include unresponsive customer service and expensive contracts. These complaints are consistent with the negative reviews filed against Merchant Services, Inc.

Legal actions and lawsuits

In 2013, Merchant Services, Inc. settled a 2010 class action lawsuit that alleged that the company misrepresented and omitted the costs, term, early termination penalties, and other provisions of its contracts, forged signatures and modified contracts and authorization forms, violated rules of MasterCard and engaged in improper collection efforts by making unlawful credit inquiries on the personal credit reports of the personal guarantors who signed the agreements. As a condition of the settlement, the company agreed to register any fictitious business names that they intend to use, such as “Merchant Services” and, if the company continues to use rate comparison sheets to include the following information on the paperwork:

  • the name of the registered independent sales organization involved in the transaction
  • the entity through which bankcard processing services would be provided
  • the entity through which leasing services (if any) would be provided
  • the fact that processing rates are estimated and that higher rates may apply depending on the type of card, including mileage and rewards cards
  • the fact that equipment leasing is optional
  • the fact that a cancellation fee will apply for early termination


The company also agreed to have sales representatives leave with the prospective customer a copy of the cost comparison sheet and a current business card containing his or her current business address, phone number, and email address.

Due to the fact that Small Business Growth Alliance is operated by the same people behind Merchant Services, Inc., this settlement is relevant.

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  1. Juan Navarro from, rubbed me approximately $1500 by lying to me that clover machine he sold me was re programmable, and I could take it any time to any other merchant services for better rate. He and his salesman are Thieves, dishonest and criminals.

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